The Law Offices of Michael D. Gorman help our clients eliminate their debt via a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. We provide legal advice to their clients about their debts, and their debt relief options. Many of our clients come to us with crushing and overwhelming debt loads. Typically their phone keeps ringing with calls from creditors. They don’t know what debt they should pay, but they know they can’t pay it all. When it gets to be completely overwhelming, then they reach out. We want our clients to call us when they are overwhelmed, but we also want them to call us BEFORE they become overwhelmed.

Many times potential clients fear bankruptcy. Here are some of the reasons I hear from people who are reluctant to file bankruptcy.

“It will ruin my credit score.”

Typically if your credit score isn’t already ruined, it will be ruined in the near future due to crushing debt. The fact is, while bankruptcy does remain on your credit report for many years, getting the debt off of your credit report allows your credit score to bounce back much quicker.

“I don’t want to lose my house.”

You don’t have to. There are mechanisms in Bankruptcy law which allow people to retain their homes.

We offer a free bankruptcy consultation to potential clients. We will discuss your debt, your options and how to move forward. We will talk about avoiding foreclosure, and how bankruptcy will stop the creditor calls. Please call us at 508-438-1198 to schedule your bankruptcy consultation today.

Chapter 7 Flat Fee Bankruptcy from $995.00 depending on the complexity of your particular case.

Mike is a member of the National Academy of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.

The Law Offices of Michael D. Gorman, LLC is considered a debt relief agency by the government. In part, it means we proudly help our client file bankruptcy under the bankruptcy code.